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If you're going to the beach with your family, you'll need straw beach mats. Begin your day at the beach with superior straw beach mats from MatsnRugs, one of India's premier straw mat Manufacturer from Aurangabad India.

Our straw beach mats are composed of waterproof material and are designed to allow sand to easily slide off. The best part is that the family beach garden mats are manufactured entirely of recycled polypropylene.

We Develop best quality beach garden mats, straw mats do not absorb odours and are easy to clean. We are Manufacturer of PP Polypropylene Mats Rugs, Virgin Mats Rugs, Recycled Mats Rugs, Plastic Tube Mats Rugs, Outdoor Mats Rugs, Indoor Mats Rugs, Beach Mats Rugs, Prayer Mats Rugss, Jacquard Mats Rugs and we are well known exporter manufacturer from aurangabad maharashtra India for our quality product delivery.With so many advantages packed into a single straw beach mat, it quickly becomes a must-have item.